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Do my kitties need up to date vaccinations?

Yes...All guests must have up to date vaccinations and we require copies of supporting documenation from a vet.

- All cats - FVRCP

- Feline leukemia - optional but highly recommended

- Rabies for outdoor cats

All vaccinations must be administered 10 days before arrival.


Do my kitties have to be on flea treatments?

Yes...Whether we see them at your home or ours they must have flea treatments or flea collars providing they have been worn for at least 4 days prior to our visit or boarding date. We cannot afford to have flea infestations as it spreads to all our guests and their homes! If your kitty arrives for boarding and does not have flea treatment we will administer it for an additional cost.


What happens if kitty becomes ill while we are away?

During the initial consultation you sign a veterinary release form that authorizes us to take your kitty for veterinary care in your absence. As part of the initial consultation we will have emergency contact information and will contact you if there is an emergency.  All costs will covered by you on your return.


Is Kits & Kats bonded?

Yes...Kits & kats is bonded and insured carrying both liability and a dishonesty bond. You are trusting us with your loved ones and you are inviting us into your home. 


Do we require a deposit?

Yes...We may require a 50% deposit for all home visits and boarding.


Does Kits & Kats administer medication? 

Yes...We administer pills, drops and other medicines, We may request a test run prior to drop off.


Does Kits & Kats provide food? 

Yes...However we prefer if your kitty comes with his or her own food, as they are used to it, and it is easier on their tummy and digestive system.

Where does Kits & Kats pick-up and drop-off service extend to? 

We are happy to pick-up or drop off your kitties as far away as Armstrong and Lumby. Although we offer pick-up and drop off outside of the Coldstream and greater Vernon area it maybe discretionary depending on how busy we are.    

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